I danced, I cried, I laughed and fell in love with a soldier. All as my answered prayer. And here's to share my inspiration before I say *I Do* ....................................................

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Debbie is currently a happy soon to be bride, juggling her work in one of the leading Hotel Companies of the world. She is 25 years old and considers her passion with ballet. She does a lot of local travels, for her the Philippines has a lot of undiscovered potentials and experiencing culture is by far the best treat she has given herself. She is still however in time also looking forward to travelling overseas to have a taste of different culture and places. All in all she just wants to celebrate and embrace a God centered life to the fullest.

top 10 favorite chick flick comedies (2000s)

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Enchanting Forests In The World

if y’all see a horse in anyone one of these places. DO NOT TOUCH IT

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